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RN: Two letters that make a vital difference to your care
Registered nurses (RNs) make up the largest group of health professionals in Alberta. You often see them providing care directly to patients, but they also work with the public in roles such as disease prevention, education, mental health, research, policy development and management. They are health-care leaders and they strengthen our health-care system.

Why are RNs vital?

It’s all about their expert knowledge and skills. Their primary distinguishing qualities include:

  • complex critical thinking
  • coordination of care
  • leadership of multi-disciplinary teams
  • big-picture (comprehensive) assessments
  • holistic care

Health-care research over many years continues to confirm that these knowledgeable, expert professionals have a positive impact on the quality and cost of patient care. The presence of RNs in the health-care system is known to:

  • prevent hospital deaths
  • reduce hospital infections
  • shorten wait times
  • shorten hospital stays
  • improve the health of long-term care residents
  • control health-care costs

What’s the RN difference?

Registered nurses meet several important criteria. To become a registered nurse in Alberta, Alberta graduates need to:

  • complete a four-year degree in nursing from a post-secondary program approved by the Nursing Education Program Approval Board
  • pass the professional licensing exam, the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses (NCLEX-RN)
  • meet the requirements of the province’s licensing body, the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta

To practice as an RN, registered nurses need to:

RN research

How RNs make a vital difference

Research over many years clearly illustrates the value to clients and the entire health-care system of the expert caring provided by registered nurses:


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The United Nurses of Alberta and the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta have partnered to share the unique value and key role of registered nurses and nurse practitioners in our health-care system. Our ads will be on transit shelters and billboards throughout Alberta in May 2016.

United Nurses of Alberta

United Nurses of Alberta (UNA)

UNA is the union for more than 30,000 registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses and allied workers in Alberta. More than 90 per cent of UNA’s members are RNs. Since 1977, UNA has been an effective advocate for nurses, the nursing profession and Canada’s fair and efficient public health-care system.

Visit UNA’s website

College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA)

The College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA)

CARNA is the professional and regulatory body for Alberta’s more than 37,000 registered nurses and nurse practitioners, including nurses in direct care, education, research and administration. Its mandate is to protect the public by ensuring that Albertans receive effective, safe and ethical care by registered nurses.

Visit CARNA’s website